The long awaited debate:

Kylie Jenner

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Kim Kardashian West

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Why have I decided to discuss America's most known reality stars? America's most known current names? America's most known sisters?

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Kylie [left] || Kim [Right]

Reason one: There has been speculation that Kylie is copying Kim.
At the start of the year there were rumours that Tyga (Kylie's ex boyfriend) wanted Kylie to transform into Kim - as Tyga thought Kim was perfect looking.

So over the course of their relationship (and even in earlier years) Kylie has been replicating Kim's looks.
Though, Kylie is not the only bad-guy here, as apparently Kim is jealous of this and demanded a "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" [Their reality show] pay rise.

Reason Two: Kylie is climbing to Kim's top spot as teen influencer, and most importantly the name/face of the Kardashian/Jenner brand.

A shocking amount of people would think of Kylie over Kim if someone said "Kardashian".
Kim still holds this crown but there are tensions that Kylie is relating to the youth more and that it is Kim's time to step down.
Which is leading Kim to do everything in her power to stay number one (eg, come out with her own make-up range as Kylie already has).

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Kim [left] and Kylie [right]

Reason Three: All the hype of pregnancies lately.

Kim is having a baby via surrogate with Kanye West and that has been confirmed by her.
The baby is due in the February/January time of 2018.
Though just before Kim confirmed this there has been speculation of Kylie being pregnant too.

Their sister, Khloe is apparently pregnant too, I'm not going to get into that, but I think although reports have said that Kim is excited for the three of them.

I think that when it actually starts happening [eg baby bumps] then it will strain the family as Kim has been planning this pregnancy for a large amount of time, especially since she has problems and was unable to birth again.

So, now that Kylie is apparently just popping one out of no-where, so easily, it angers Kim. Even when the surrogacy got confirmed - everyone was too focused on Kylie to truly care and I think that'll get to Kim.

If Kylie is not pregnant all these theories still affected Kim's limelight, her special moment.

Image by Sabrina González
A photo posted on instagram by Kim, roughly 3 months ago, captioned "only the 3 of us...". Some people think it's hinting to the 3 pregnancies and that it'll only be the 3 of them for a while.

Undoubtedly they both love each other and value each other, but business wise I think they would much rather if each other disappeared.

So, Kylie v Kim?...