Even tho it seems selfish: You should always come first.
And it's actually not selfish at all since you are the most important person in your life.
What? Why?
Because you wanna be there for others, your family, friends, colleagues, also strangers, for humans and animals in general.
Sounds familiar, right? :)
Well, but what you and other people seem to forget is, that you can't help anyone at all, if you aren't happy with yourself - and healthy. If you don't keep an eye on yourself - your body and mental health- it doesn't help others at all.
Without you, you can't be there for others.
As said, you are the most important person in your life.
You can't be there for your mom, dad, brothers and sisters, you can't have fun with your friends and make them smile, you basically can't do anything to help others, if you aren't healthy and happy with yourself.
So please, PLEASE take care of yourself! And then you can be there for those you love and they also don't have to worry about you if you are ok and happy.

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So, take care!

love you. <3