Winter is coming, and you should be prepared. Cold days and nights creep in. That might sound miserable, but winter fashion can make it all better. These are 5 necessities for winter.


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Jackets will keep you warm, and look great. Puffer jackets, windbreakers, denim jackets, and leather jackets are all viable options for a good jacket.


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Hats are perfect for any winter scenario. Why not be cute and practical? You're most likely thinking "What about the hat hair?" Here's your answer:


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You may be thinking, "Ew, tracksuits?" but they are extremely comfortable, and I have an inkling that they're going to come back in style pretty soon.


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Now, turtlenecks don't work for everyone. I hated them until 9th grade, and then I realized how great they are. Layer some necklaces on, and it'll create the effect of a shorter neck.


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Overalls are SO. FRICKING. CUTE. I try to stock up on as many pairs as I can. Get some, or you're in my burn book.

Hope you like this article, I had so much fun making it. My next one should be spring fashion. See you there <3!