Hi, My name is Bonnie. ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ )

I come from a small town in Indiana. and I like to write poetry. I love writing and singing to music.but I don't actually write songs? I do write a lot of poetry. J-fashion is my life; I love lolita outfits and hime gyaru.

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I do like to play video games. I consider myself a bit of a girl gamer. lol, I do live-streams on twitch and I play overwatch and Fallout 4.

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What are my dreams?

  • to be a Profesional writer- I want to write my own poetry book and publish all my creative writing.
  • I want to live in an apartment in like San Francisco or Sweden. or really anywhere. as long as I'm with good people

What type of things do I write

I write a lot of poems and short stories I also have a wattpad with fanfiction

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For right now though im just a junior in highschool just trying to make people feel things through my poetry.

So untill my next post I send good vibes