Ayyyee little peeps. Somehow you came to my page and for no reason you're reading this. I'm not even important but still, I'd like to talk about myself a little bit. Always remember that you are unique no matter what you look like or what you do. ❤

My name is Joy and I'm 16 years old. But I'll be 17 at the end of March 2018. Currently I am living in Germany in a city near Cologne.

I am in 11th grade and my direction is the social and health care. Besides the school and my job placement, which is in a nurserey school, I like to meet my friends, like every other teenager and listen to music. Whenever I've got time, I like to sing and write storys. Currently I am writing a story about my life. It sounds weird, I know. But it's kinda like a self therapy and it helps me. Right now I sound like a sad, boring teenager who don't get that much attention. Maybe it's true. Maybe not. You'll not know. Anyway. I don't know why am I writing this but I always wanted to start a blog and now I've got the chance, I guess. Whatever I'm just messing around and write things that don't matter.

I've got a dog, a cat and sometimes I've two dogs 'cause I take care of the dog of my Granny. I am very sorry for grammar mistakes or any other mistakes but English is not my first language. German is my mothertongue although I am not only german. I've got a mix of some countrys. Sounds weird? I know. I'm weird. I'm a weirdo. Jughead Jones.
I only know of four countrys, that I am sure. It's the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Sweden. I don't speak Dutch and French that good, I think my English is better, but if I have to speak these languages 'cause we're in France or Belgium or whatever, I am pretty sure, I won't get lost. Swedish is the only language I don't speak at all but I like to learn it soon.
Despite all of these things, I like to travel and make photos and learn the culture of the country or even city. But most of the time I like to sit outside, listen to some music and just write what's on my mind. The human is a unique person with a very creative mind that can explode into something beautiful or something absolutely bad. You'll never know and that's the interesting part of get to know people all around the world.
Now I've got into that and I think that this isn't only about me. Maybe there are four or five facts about myself. I'm sorry but you know, every head is full of ideas and creative things. It can explode or stay inside.

I almost forgot the most important things from my life. Sorry for that.
First of all I stan a legend. Second of all I am a proud member of his army. Third of all, maybe you know who I mean. Right, Shawn Mendes or Sean Mendez for all the fake fans. Anyways. He is my hero and my muffinfucker.
So, now the other things. I am obsessed with make-up, GoT, Riverdale and bands. I really like bands. I think they are on shuffle on my playlist. And last but not least. I love food. Everyone can see that! Shut up, little, cheeky part of my brain aka my inner voice.
Love you guys and don't be too shy to text me. I'm searching for ibf's. :)