Hello everyone!
Like I promised, here's a new playlist of songs. I don't forget on Russian community on We Heart It. I'm not Russian ( I'm Slovak and half Ruthenian ;) but I'm not ashamed of my Slavic heritage. I listen these songs in this time and I recommend it for you. I will not say to you my opinion about songs :) Then you will be more curious. I translated for you the names of songs. Let me say one thing: I promised, it's not cheap music :)
1, Alexander Rybak - Kotik ( RU: Котик, ENG: Kitty)
2, Dima Bilan - Mechtateli ( RU: Мечтатели, ENG: Dreamers)
3, Dima Bilan - Labirinty ( RU: Лабиринты, ENG: Maze or Labyrinth)
4, Sergey Lazarev - Ideal'nyy mir ( RU: Идеальный мир, ENG: Ideal World )
5, Sergey Lazarev ft. Dima Bilan - Prosti Menya ( RU: Прости меня, ENG: Forgive me )
6, Sati Kazanova - Radost Privet ( RU: Радость Привет, ENG: Happiness Hello)
7, Sati Kazanova ft. Arsenium - Do rassveta ( RU: До рассвета, ENG: Until Dawn )
8, Dima Bilan - Bolen Toboy ( RU: Болен Тобой, ENG: I'm sick from you - the translate is not meant seriously, trust me guys, watch the videoclip, you will be really surprised )
9, Dima Bilan - Ne Molchi ( RU: Не молчи, ENG: Don't be quiet - this song has a really beautiful videoclip, I cried when I watched it for the first time and I think it's important message to the world, do not make fun from people with disabilities, usually they give even more love than example: a cousin who loves to drink and make fights in a bar)
10, Sergey Lazarev - 7 cifr ( RU: 7 цифр, ENG: 7 wonders)
I gave you, how you can find it on youtube in latin. Russian language is really interesting. Stop thinking about what others think about this language. If you want to learn Russian, go ahead. If you want to learn Indian, go ahead. It's your decision, not them.
I'm learning Russian language for 8 years and I had really amazing experiences. I fall in love with this language, slowly and deeply :). I'm interesting about your opinions if you will listen to these songs, my instagram is in profile so you can write me in the direct what you are thinking about this songs. Also certainly about Russian language :)
Iva ☺