Olaaaa everyone! How are you?
My name is Myrthe (Mimi for those who can't pronounce it) and this is my 22th article on WHI!
My articles are all not in one single subject but they variate pretty much. I like to write articles that contains advice and tips and I also love to write random things that interests me.
So today I wanted to write something random, something everyone is struggling with these days: the pressure of fitting in.

I think this is an imporant subject and I wanted to write my own opinion about it. I also struggle with this pressure and it can be pretty difficult at times.
We've all been there. A time somewhere in our puberty you don't wanna be a no one and where you don't wanna be left out.
You're struggling with your personal style and how and who you are. You're afraid people will Judge you so you change your style and the way you act to something you think people wanna see you in.
You're not you but you think it's okay because every other girl does or acts the same.
But even when you think you 'fit in' you don't feel comfortable about what you're wearing or how you act.
It's normal to feel this way. I've been there too!
I stepped out of the 'fitting in' time and I've searched for my own style and I feel so much more comfortable! (I wore 'cool' things I didn't even liked.)

I think every girl who feels the pressure of fitting in deserves a chance to find out who she is without being judged.
Girls need to support girl in these kinda things. I think it's the judgemental looks and reactions of other people that holds us back from who we really are.

(For exaple: I'm in a class of 6 people at school and I'm with the same 5 people now for 4 years. The first 3 years I was so scared to say something in group or to be myself because I wanted to fit in... I actually never felt I fitted in but now that I've found my own style and that I finally can be me, I feel I've made real friends who accept who I really am. I even have a strong bond with those classmates!

I think what really matters is that you find it's okay to be rejected for who you really are than accepted for who you're not.

Don't feel the need you need to fit in sweetie! You are a wonderful human being and friends will be there for you! You will fit in in your own squad. Just be you and the rest will come!

I hope you've had something out of this random pep talk. The pressure of fitting in can be high at times but just remember this article and you'll be fine love <3

Btw I will really appreciate a big heart for this article! I adore every hearter who reads this and I will be so so Lucky if you leave your heart here <3

Have a nice day love!
XX Myrthe

10th of october 2017