hi guys!!!
this is my very first article and i'm really excited :) i have to thank my friend @fathergigii for the idea

in this post i'm going to talk about what i think about my school but also i'm going to tell things about school in general so ... let's start!!

1) tbh i don't like very much how my school is esthetically like because when i walk in it i feel like "i'm too much at school": i mean, since we spend so many days of our lives at school, this should be a place where you feel happy to stay in it but this doesnt happen at me because of school, people, ecc (but i hope i'm not the only one lol)

2) in my school (but maybe in most of schools right now) there are too many who smoke: i'm not against them but sometimes it's so sad seeing people who smoke and go on doing it SO MUCH even if they know it's bad

3) what i'm going to tell is maybe the most widespread problem for students: there are always those teachers who we can't absolutely stand!! omg it happens to me every years for so many reasons ahaha

If you have read till this, tysm!! i know it isn't my best but i hope you will like it, ALSO I'D BE VERY GLAD IF YOU ALL RECOMMEND ME SOME TOPICS I CAN WRITE MY ARTICLES ON xd