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Wednesday 10/11/17

Are you guys excited as I am for the upcoming season?
The big fashion month is over so it's time to put things into action.
Here are my go-to fall essential for you!

1.Oversized coat

What is better than a oversized,cosy and warming coat?
Yes, you're right!
Apart from "Netflix & Chill". ( :

So here are a few examples:

beauty coat clothes black
I think it gives your style something really comfortable and casual

2.Baker Boy Hats

Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm so obsessed with them.
You can combine them with nearly everything and...among us...we girls have finally a solution to keep our ears warm and look pretty too.

fashion and style image
blogger, levis jeans, and fashion image
romee strijd image


stripes and stripes again...
I can't get enough of them.They give every outfit something parisian.
With a red're
For fall I usually prefer to wear a white and read striped t-shirt, in summer I often go for the white and blue striped one to get the look à la Brigitte Bardot, as you can see in the pictures below.

brigitte bardot brigitte bardot
We're all dreaming about to just be a little bit like her, right?!

4.Wide Trousers

Going to school in pajamas...for me a NO-GO!
But this is the best invention since the cellphone...just joking.
Wide trousers are not just comfortable, they are matching with nearly everything.
For example:

  • a oversized sweater
  • a basic t-shirt
  • a blouse / shirt
  • or a lingerie top (which is my favorite combination)
fashion, girls, and outfit image

You can find them at Zara, Mango, Urban Outfitters and many more...

5.Wrap dresses

I know...summer is over and I'm living in cold Germany, but that doesn't keep me off from wearing wrap dresses further on.
I like to wear it with a hat or many necklaces.

If you also like cactuses this might be the perfect dress for you:

Other Options:

dress dress

So that's all for now.
Hope you enjoyed reading my first article.
Let me know if you want more of them.