When I first met him I never thought we could actually come to this point. his jokes were normal his smile was normal and even his words meant nothing. something changed. three weeks ago it all started. i became more confident since the last time i saw him and started to be more social. so it got more fun between us. since that day my crush started growing. we worked together for over 6 months and i'm falling for him since three weeks ago. his jokes sound funnier, his smile looks brighter and his words are just amazing. he isn't the prettiest boy i've seen. he is a pretty good boy. he makes me feel pretty and confident. but when i'm away from him i feel unsure about myself. my head keeps turning and making up things that aren't even real. good and bad things... i will not see him for a couple of weeks now. i miss him already. my bright smile even starts to fade. i hate this feeling i have now.