@TypicalGirl48 has created this awesome 30-day #WhiChallenge, where we are able to get to know each other in the expand of 30 days. All we have to do is answer her daily challenges (or our own, if we have some) and share them with you guys here on WeHeartIt.com.

Hello Lovely Hearters!

Today marks the tenth challenge and here is my answer:

If you could go anywhere in the world for a vacation, where would it be and why?

For a vacation, I would properly say Italy. Not particularly any specific city or place, but just Italy. I find Italy really, really beautiful and I'm so in love with the rustic and vintage look that's swirling around the country. #instaworthy

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The food is also a bonus. Italian food is seriously the best food, ever! I'm so in love with the food, I could seriously live of it. Everyone loves ice cream, pasta, and pizza, so everyone would be pleased by visiting Italy.

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And furthermore, Italy has a spectacular selection of wines; which is also just a bonus. Wine not? Wine is something that can make anything a little more cozy. A glass of rosé or white wine with your dinner is like putting the icing on the cake; it’s the missing piece of the puzzle; you name it.

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That was all from me today. See you tomorrow ;-)

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