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from Rihab writes.

Pouring my feelings onto paper, trying to leave some black ink in this white sheet of paper; Feeling the need to talk to some beautiful souls that have been suffering a lot, I decided to write this:

Dear girls who felt or are feeling like falling in love with someone who's already taken,

Hey, I hope you’re not in your pajamas having panda eyes from crying over and over again, I know you literally feel like shit, but just chill and and listen:

Maybe you have to accept the fact that he’s not yours and he will never be. You’re only lying to yourself about the absolute truth when you think of that tiny ray of hope that makes you feel that he somehow loves you and cares about you, ‘cause he doesn’t, he loves HER. Stop inventing conversations that will never happen in your head. Stop planning for that pink future with him. Stop imagining how perfect you would be in your wedding party together, and how your house will be decorated on your taste, figuring out a nice place for your oh-so-perfect bride and groom picture. Enough trying to choose the nicest spot of your place for the book shelf where you collect all the books he used to read to you. Stop memorizing the cute messages he’s sending you and considering them your new favorite words. Stop trying to pick your children names. Stop telling your friends who the heck he is, and which university he’s attending, and what his stupid dream career is. Stop being obsessed with him and thinking of him whenever you have free time.
For one and only sample reason: While you’re doing all of this, he will be inventing funny conversations with HER. Planning for their own future together, maybe they will go to Turkey to taste the soul of Sufism like in the Forty Rules of Love thingy, maybe they will Eat, Pray and Love while hanging out together in India, and maybe they will go for Amsterdam to take a picture in The Fault in Our Stars bench… He will think of how beautiful she will be in her white dress, and how elegant the two of them will cut the cake. He will send her hilarious messages about his freshman year in that excellent college. He will picture their life as a hurricane of love, joy, hope and laughter. Just HIM and HER, there’s no you in the whole scenario…

Forget him, please, for your own good. Ignore his existence, don’t think that you’re losing him, because you’ve never had him. Don’t cry huge tears of grief over the death of something that never ever had the chance to live. There are people in this planet who will appreciate you, who will discuss the economical problems and the political system with you, who will tell you what keeps them up at night, who will tell you their most embarrassing flaws and sing to you the most awful music they were enjoying when they were teenagers.

So honey, instead of feeling depressed and unlucky, instead of living a regular boring life because he’s not here, read a good book, sing as loud as you can, dance as if nobody’s watching, find your passion, write a story, be bold, discover something new. This is your life, live every single second of it in the most beautiful way. Why ? Because you deserve.

-Written by: Rihab B.
- Illustrated by: Rowaa B.


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