Did you ever asked yourself :

"Am I beautiful?"
"Am I smart enough?"
"Am I strong?"
"What do other people think of me?"
"Am I confident or not?"

These are some of the questions I asked myself. I wasn't that confident in the past. I always thought negative about everything. I didn't love myself. But know I learned to love myself and to be more confident. It wasn't easy but If I made it then you can too. I BELIEVE in you! Confidence will give you a great feeling.

enough heart

𝓢𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓲𝓹𝓼:

❥ Love yourself more

You are 150% unique. There will never (ever) be anyone just like you. You’re like the hope diamond (only waaaaaaay more sparkly)! The way you love. You give love. You feel love. You spread love. You breathe love. You = love. And nobody is perfect! You are you and you should accept it. You are beautiful! ♥︎

❥ Think Positive

I know it`s hard. But every time I think positive, I feel better. You have to do is exchange your negative thoughts for positive ones.

❥ Know Yourself

Take notes on how you feel and what you think. You should know in what you are great and in what not. Maybe I'm good in History but not in Math.

❥ Be Kind and Generous

Sometimes, it is easier to show compassion to others, than it is to show compassion to ourselves. When you consciously choose to be kind and generous to others, you are practicing the actions you should also be giving to yourself. Confident people treat themselves fairly.

❥ You don’t have to please everybody

When you love yourself, you have no need to impress other people. You can take that statement the other way around too. Stop trying to please everyone else and you will begin to love yourself.Their opinions are no more important, than your own, so trust in your own inner filling and follow your heart. ☺︎
best friends best friends

So remember to Stay happy and love yourself!
You are beautiful the way you are .😊