kylie jenner and model image
Corsets over a shirt.
dior bag, gucci, and sunglasses image
Wide pants.
fashion, outfit, and black image
lips, lipstick, and orange image
Any unusual/crazy lip colours like blue, hot orange...
bambi, comfy, and light pink image
An outfit all in the same colour.
fashion, girl, and style image
See trough tops.
fashion image
Bralette as a top.

These are all the things I wish I would be brave enough to wear. But please remember- life really is short. And after you think about it- no one really cares enough to make fun of you ONLY because of something you are wearing. And if you are comfortable wearing it and if YOU like the way you look in it- f*** them. Life is short, once again. And there are more people that will probably love your outfit, than people, that will sink low enough to make fun of a queen like you. Stop caring. Embrace yourself.