"One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress." —Karl Lagerfeld.

So Fall is here!!!!. Fall is more than just sweater weather. With wildly-changing weather that can throw you from summer-like heat to chilly winds in just one day, a true fall outfit is more than the sum of it's chunky knit parts. I love Autumn Season. Its a season of comfy sweaters, long comfy cute socks, Dark colored hoodies etc. So here is a list of '7 Fall Wardrobe Essentials 2017'.

'Taylor Swift Red'

Its Fall so we see different forms or red from Rusty Red to Crimson to Carnelian. Its Official: Red is the color of 2017. So guys a Red Boots or a Red Blazer or Red Sweater is necessary.

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Image by Cathy Phan

'Fun Platform Heels'
Since comfortable flats and sneakers have dominated our wardrobes its time to make space for some fun. Chunky Heels or platforms have always been my favorite. lets it be summer, spring, autumn or winter they rock all seasons.

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'Shoulder Blazers'

"Suit Up Girls". It's always a good idea to have a blazer hanging in your closet whether it's for job interviews or simply for sprucing up a jeans-and-tee outfit.

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'Wide Length Pants'

Wide leg pants are always in trends. There are so many types in terms of length, either extra-long or cropped right above the ankle, and playing around with the waistline, opting for a high fit or a paper-bag closure.

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'I Got Tricks On My Sleeves'

Statement Sleeves are so pretty and fashionable. From
Ruffled-Up Sleeves To XXL embellishments they all are amazing. Its the easiest way to level up your wardrobe and spice up your outfit.

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'Mid Length Skirts'

Mid length skirts can basically be paired up with anything and makes an Fabulous outfit. Pair it up with a sweater, full sleeve top or a sleeves less top and blazer.

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'Vintage Furs'

Who doesn't like furs. They are baby soft coat that makes you feel warm and comfy. They are my second favorite Fall Essential.

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So I hope you guys like my Fall Essential Article. Please check out my last articles too