hi guys! so, as you might or might not know; i love music, i love everything about it basically. and so i thought, what better way to share my passion for music, than to give you a short playlist of song that i love? i'm thinking of kind of doing this thing, where i have different themes for each playlist, kind of? i'd love to hear your thoughts on it, so please DM me with any suggestions! enjoy!

bands and other stuff | a playlist

  • arabella by arctic monkeys
  • believer by imagine dragons
  • girls/girls/boys by panic! at the disco
  • golden ticket by highasakit
  • haunt - demo by bastille
alex, am, and arctic image cassettes, evolve, and indie rock image
  • hometown by twenty one pilots
  • i found by amber run
  • icarus by bastille
  • if i believe you by the 1975
  • laura palmer by bastille
concert, imagine dragons, and band image twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and tøp image
  • let's hurt tonight by onerepublic
  • one for the road by arctic monkeys
  • one more night by maroon 5
  • sleep on the floor by the lumineers
  • some nights by fun.
onerepublic and ryan tedder image pride, the 1975, and rainbow image
  • somebody else by the 1975
  • sweater weather by the neighbourhood
  • victorious by panic! at the disco
  • which witch - demo / bonus track by florence + the machine
  • wires by the neighbourhood
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