I prefer TV series rather than movies, they last longer and give more details.
I've watched so many series that I don't even remember about them all, but here are my favourites.


Everyone know this serie, but in case you haven't watched it, do it.

twd image the walking dead, twd, and daryl dixon image the walking dead, dead, and twd image zombie, the walking dead, and twd image
Little advice: don't watch it while eating

This show followed me during my high school years, and now that it's over I feel so sad, but I can always watch it again in nostalgic moments.

teen wolf, teenwolf, and alpha image allison, derek, and lydia image

1969, women have finally the ocassion to make people listen to them: they want to be treated equally to men, what will happen?

60s, news, and Amazon image

THE 100

What about something like a teen drama and a science fiction together?
Try to watch it! You won't stop untill you finish it.

the hundred, bob morley, and wallpaper the 100 image 100 and the image the 100 image red, ship, and tumblr image

Are you afraid of zombies? you shouldn't! Liv is the most adorable zombie in Seattle, and she works with the police helping to solve murder cases.

izombie image
shhhh...nobody know she is a zombie!

It has just one season, but the second one is coming out soon...and I really can't wait for it!

Image by HazthaLaBizthaBaby :v

Another well known series... the cast is amazing and the characters are very interesting.

orange is the new black and oitnb image orange is the new black and oitnb image


London. 1763. A house were women sell their bodies to live.
The actresses are formidable, the story is addictive.

harlots, charlotte wells, and lucy wells image

There are so so many other shows that I love....put a litttle heart if you'd like to read more about it.

That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed my article, and thanks for reading.

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