Are you the kind of artist that enjoys the feeling of letting the ink coarse through the sheets, sliding over every nuance of that white paper to create a masterpiece?
Sketching is a great way of letting go. A pen, paper and an imagination untamed by the harsh boundaries of reality. The euphoria that hits me everytime I go wild watch a bunch of unruly squiggles come alive to make some sort of half mangled creature is indescribable. It may seem silly, doodling away on page corners when more demanding tasks lay strewn about screaming their minds out for attention, but that’s just the way it is. Like all forms of art it’s an escape, a way out of all the drudgery.
And no surprise but it’s the gloriously spooky month of October. Or if you’re an artist ‘Inktober’!
Jake Parker, a comic artist and animator, also known as Agent-44, come up with the whole concept that is now a leading internet sensation. The Inktober challenge as it is called is an invite for all aspiring sketch maniacs to get their drawing boards out and create something everyday.
The challenger calls for an artist to make one sketch everyday of the month of October and post it online for everyone to witness along with the hashtag Inktober. This trend was an all time popular on the Twitter of 2014 when it first came out. Thousands of artists take up the challenge to gain recognition throught the world wide web as well as find motivation in the fan support to take up the sketch book everyday. This brilliant cause has led to many artists finding themselves through the magic of ink art.
It’s just that little nudge that you need to get yourself off the futile pursuit of nothingness and reinvent yourself through the wonders that come with wielding an art brush.