"I deserved that"-Captain Jack Sparrow. At this point, the two slaps across my face from my redhead pretty much sum it up. we've been entangled in the mess for far too long. She, my Atom Eve. well I know you've run across something from this page indirectly. which way it made back to you is relatively unimportant right now.

As usual, I probably should have done this when I first noticed the change through the page. Not like you could hide that energy of your soul right now anyways. It's not even subtle anymore. Which is about the same that can be said for the vicious right hook of yours and that hair trigger temper. Yeah that temper I still think is funny; you know because mine's worse, so much worse.

And for those of you haven't figured out the joke yet. It isn't just I've been seeing red for the redhead for as long as i have. We are literally the Adam/Atom and the Eve. She's my Atom's Eve. there is no metaphor, or even just figuratively speaking. My middle name is Adam. The initials are J.a.c. yes Jack.

Because she's the only one who knows who i am, what i do, my history. while everyone else including my family, even most of my friends, don't know jack.

Then for the rest of you. Now you know something. A particle in this dance of fates.