when we find our soulmate , or get engaged the love our lives we tend to dream about our wedding or even as little girls we tend to say i hope my wedding is like this...
well this is my dream wedding I'm trying to plan.

barn, wedding, and sweden image

a barn... if your from the country whats a wedding with out a barn ?

lights, wedding, and love image
#2 the first dance .. "bless the broken road" - rascal flats
brasil, brazil, and gypsy image
#3 a sunflower boquet
sunflower wedding decor and clear glass bottle decor image
#4 sunflower decor
light, flowers, and wedding image Image by Chantal Athena
#5 who doesn't love mason jars with patio lights around a barn #6 forget the heels give me the converse

#7 a country wedding play list

barn, country, and engrave image
#8 country wedding invites

#9 the guest book.... or shall i say selfie ! forget signing your name , take a selfie we want to know who came to the wedding and joined us on our special day.http://weheartit.com/entry/143541463?context_query=polaroid+guest+book&context_type=search

#10 enjoy the wedding... have fun , kiss your partner and live your life.http://weheartit.com/entry/165387586?context_page=3&context_query=country+wedding+couple&context_type=search

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