10th October 2017

Here in Australia, it’s currently spring, so I thought that I would put together a list of shoes that I really want to get and are on my wishlist!

1. Converse
I’ve wanted a pair real of converse for ages! I have this chap knock of version of converse, but they’re not really that comfy or attractive, and they’re WAY too small for me! I feel like converse are the type of sneakers that can be worn during any season, and will never go out of style. I really want the White Chuck Taylor Low Top Sneakers, because they’ll go with anything.

90's, blue, and converse image

2. Vans
Another casual sneaker that I really want is a pair of basic black vans. I would wear them with almost anything; jeans, skirts, skater dresses, leggings. Vans have been really popular lately, but I’m not just trying to jump on the Vans bandwagon, because I really do think these could be a great item in my closet.

girl and vans image

3. Black Lace Up Heels
So, recently I got these beautiful, white buckle heels that I bought at Spendless Shoes for only $39.99. I’m really in love with them, and I’m planning on wearing them to my cousin’s wedding in two months. But I’ve also really been in love with Black Lace Up Heels. I think they’re really cute, and could be worn to a lunch with friends, on a date, or even at a formal function. I’ve seen a few of these styles at MissGuidedAu, LuLus and a couple of other websites, but they’re pretty expensive, so I need to keep looking further.

amazing, fashion, and lace up image

4. Adidas/Nike Slip Ons
Some people like these, some people don’t. But personally, I’m really into these basic black slip ons. Heaps of people at my athletics wear them in between races, because they’re easy to take on and off, and they’re pretty comfy. They’d also just be great for lazy days or pool days in Spring, and in two months, Summer!

adidas, black, and shoes image

5. Gucci Ace Embroided Sneakers
I’m not trying to jump on the Gucci bandwagon, but these kicks are pretty LIT. They’re really stylish, and you could dress it up or down. My only problem with these sneakers is that they’re $620!!! They’re soooo pricey! I’m hoping to find a knock off version or a pair that’s largely on sale!

dionysus, fashion, and sneakers image

Thanks for reading my Spring 2017 Shoe Wishlist! Hopefully this will give you some inspiration!

love you all x