My heart is a fragile thing, like most it has been broken too often and it seems I am the only one taping it back together. From these pasts I have learnt that trust is a brilliant thing but must be earned, and for me, that something many people can not do.

1. be yourself and create comfort - If the way you carry yourself is an attempt to grow popularity and create a fake persona, stop. Who you act as when speaking to the people you want to impress should be who you're happy being, not some fake mixture of Instagram models and magazine articles. By pretending to be loud, obnoxious and cold you're not comforting the people you really want to. I don't want to make this all about me but if this is five ways to win 'my' heart, you will never be able to if who you're presenting to me isn't who you you really are.

2. Take pride in yourself and what you love - Pride is a deadly sin, but i think this is unfair. There is a fine line between egotistical and confident and i think pride is on the confident side, especially when it is withheld in the things you love. If you are a dedicated rock fanatic then please spend all night telling me about it, I don't mind I want to see you invested in your happiness. Spend our entire date telling me how brilliant the new episode of CSI was if you truly want to, I will listen and I will do so willingly. But if you feel that opening up about your loves will humiliate you, you're not spending time with the right people. Stop telling me you like soccer when you can't name any famous players, stop telling me that you super into Drake when you don't recall any songs, other that the obvious. Take pride in what you love.

3. Be open and accepting - In this day and age this one is an expectation. Be willing to accept opinions, sexuality, race, even the small things like what I eat for lunch. Do not put me or anyone down for who they are. I want you to welcome anything new with open arms and refuse to shun it until you fully understand what it consists of. This one is short, sweet and quite frankly, self-explanatory.

4. Be gentle and accepting of all mental states - I get very anxious very fast and if you're going to be around me regularly then you'll need to know that telling me there's nothing to be worried about is going to make me worry more, and saying I'm overreacting will only enhance my anger. Please don't evade the likelihood of someone you've met having personal problems that they'll need someone to help them escape from. Please know that when I'm tired I'm angry and I'm in no way angry at you (unless there's reason to be), when I'm stressed I cry and when I'm happy I laugh, a lot, doesn't mean you're funny I'm hard to amuse.

5. And lastly take care, I haven't met you yet and I'd like to meet you in one piece, don't cross roads when the light is red, don't take too many stupid risk to impress your friends and don't wear yourself out.