Today, the search engine giant Google celebrates the 156th birth anniversary of legendary adventurer Fridtjof Nansen by dedicating a special doodle to him.

The great humanitarian was born in Oslo, Norway in 1861, Nansen was driven by a sense of adventure from a young age. He studied to cross-country ski as many as 50 miles in one day with minimal supplies and sometimes with just his dog! His love of the outdoors led him to study zoology at the Royal Frederick University.

Nansen is also observed as the first High Commissioner for Refugees. He came up with the “Nansen passports” that enabled hundreds of thousands of refugees return home.

Today’s Google doodle is a GIF that shows Nansen skiing through what is doubtlessly the North Pole. Nansen won international award after he created a record by reaching the northern latitude of 86°14′ during his North Pole expedition between 1893–96. This, owing to his amazing love for the outdoors. Nansen reportedly learned to cross-country ski as many as 50 miles in one day. The Norwegian adventurer would reportedly do this with bare minimal supplies, and often with just his dog.

But more than an adventurer, Nansen is known for his work in helping millions of refugees return home. He created the Nansen Passport, a travel records that allowed stateless refugees to abandon and resettle. Nansen has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922 for helping those without a voice find a home.
Fridtjof Nansen began his career by disabling the boundaries of human examination, and he brought the same grit and determination to his fight to helping refugees.
Image - google