This may be a bit long but I hope it is helpful.
The first thing you need to know is this: you are beatiful.
You are stunningly beautiful, you don´t have to break your head trying to think of a way to make you look like someone else so you can be beautiful because you already are.
You don´t have to doubt of yourself because of the way you look, you need to embrace it and love it. I know it can be difficult but iit will be worth it.
I´ve wanted to be a princess since I was little. I admired them because of how beautiful, smart and kind they were, because they always seemed to find true love and have a perfect life. That´s why I wanted to be one: because I thought I would be perfect. If I´m been honest, the child inside me still wants that, but the truth is I don´t need all of that. Why? because I am already perfect and so do you.
I´ve also always been a perfectionist with what I do and it couldn´t be different with myself. Sometimes I don´t like my body because of how skinny I am, now don´t stop reading here. You might be thinking that because I´m skinny I must feel beautiful, but that is not necessarily true. Been called too skinny can also get in the mind of someone in a negative way, for me it went like this: maybe I´m skinny but I don´t have a big bust or butt like other girls do and that makes me feel insecure, alongside with a million other things that make me feel like that, now I´m not saying that havng that tipe of body is bad, it is just the way my insecurities manifested themselves.. At this piont you may be thinking where is she going with all of this? And the answer is: to tell you that no matter what your body type is or how does your face look or anything els that you think you don´t like about yourself I can assure you that it is just another of the things that makes you perfect. People tend to focus on the "negative" things about themselves instead of the positive ones like a kind heart, music taste, smile, etc, all those positive things about you combined are more powerful than the "negative". As I´ve said before, all of them are just characteristics that makes us unique, as cliche as it sounds but it is true.
Don´t search for perfection because it doesn´t exist. There is no such thing as perfect. What could be beautiful to one person maybe not quite for another, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Loving yourself won´t happen in a day, it is a journey, but you have the strength to go through it. Look at yourself in the mirror and say all those things thatyou like about yourself, look at the amazing human being you are and love it. With every step you take now you are a bit closer to loving yourself completely. Loving yourself is an art and just as every art, it takes patience and practice.