I felt so exited before I signed up to We heart it. The beatiful pictures I saw increased my happiness and all the things I love I found them here. Next I saw people writing articles and expresing themselves in them, inmediately I wanted to write an article too, but I was afraid from being judge or insult, I have to confess that this is the first time that I am writing an article, so you can understand that I am not an expert doing this right? That´s another of my reasons why I was a bit afraid (and still too). But I was wrong, anyone will insult me here, I realized that if people express their feelings here, It´s because that they aren´t judge her, that inspired me of doing this right now, writing an article and feel free to show you my worries.

But that´s not at all, I felt worried thinking about if you will notice me, or my destiny is being a simple person that no one realizes that exists,and in my opinion, It´s a very sad thought :(

And the point is, that I am here, with a big smile in my face, showing you my feelings and my thoughts. I´m ready to make new friends and know their likes an dislikes (of course my likes and dislikes too).

I hope you didn´t get bored reading this, and this article won´t become one in the row and lost in the time.

Bye and best wishes,

-CatMeow :)