My school hallway is fading away
On this unfamiliar way
I’m so unlucky
I don’t have any map to tell me if this road is right
There’s no way to go up
What I’ve been through is a maze
I never want to go back to
I’m comforting myself, shedding blood and sweat
Instead of blood and tears
They tell me such hills
Are just passing showers
If you want success
Put snares that are called failures
So yes, I bite the baits that are called pain
I’m wandering around with my exhausted wings
Of passions temporarily folded

My life’s at a rock bottom’s cliff
I’m walking in a dark tunnel
I’m holding up
This cruel, dreadful day alone
Though I reach out my hand, there’s nobody to hold it
They’re going up riding on my pain and tears

Song: Hellevator
Artist: Stray Kids