Some say that heartache is the root of all heartbreak. I have begun to believe that this is indeed true. Expecting love, intimacy, good behavior... (etc) I no longer expect anything from anyone. Because it is not owed to me. And disappointment is too harsh.
Now is heartbreak good? no. But it always turns back around and brings you to something, someplace, or someone you'd never even dreamed off.

Not long ago I was crushed by a guy who was conflicted by his feelings. He knew what he wanted, but he was too afraid to have the real deal. Now? I it too late for you to realize this now. But thanks to you, I know exactly what I am not missing. A coward. A man who can't embrace his feelings so he has to act like a jerk to get his point across. we were over long before we began. If perchance you find me again, please leave me alone. And by then I will happily be with my love. The guy who loves me for me and looks at me like I am everything. The everything you thought was nothing. Learn to get to know the many layers of people..girls in this case, not just their intimate and personal ones.