Need new books is an always for the bookworms. Here are 5 books that I enjoyed over my summer.
1) Impulse by Ellen Hopkins - This book is about a girl, and two guys. Each have their own stories but come into one. Their past makes it complicated to move on with their lives. Can they move from the hard past?

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2)Dumplin' by Julie Murphy- A girl in Texas who is very confident of her chubby body get self conscious when she finally finds out a guy likes her. Now to take her confidence back she enters the home town beauty pageant. Go big or go home.

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3) Gabi A Girl In Pieces by Isabel Quintero- A girl planning for college, dealing with her meth father, best friend pregnancy and other best friend coming out. Can she find herself in the crazy mess.

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4) The fault in our stars by John Green- Things started looking good in Hazel Grace life until a unexpected turn off events took place.

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5)Smile by Raina Telgemeier- A teen going through puberty and learning of over coming it in a funny way.

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