I don't know if this is lame or not but my friends and I always go out for photoshoots whenever we're bored or when we hang out... is that weird? Here are some prime spots for cute and impromptu photoshoots!

1. Amusement Park

coachella, festival, and summer image

2. Coffee Shop

fashion and hair image

3. Pumpkin Patch

autumn and fall image

4. The Beach

beach, summer, and surf image

5. In a Forest.. because ya know casual?

girl, photography, and nature image

6. In the City

friends, city, and friendship image

7. On a Bridge, but be careful!!

girl, fashion, and city image

8. In the Middle of the Street

fashion, girl, and jeans image

9. In Front of Graffiti

art, city, and downtown image

10. Doing Something You Love

beach, dance, and sea image

*cover photo from Gabby Flynn @lotsofgab