We've all heard the say "life is a roller coaster" and we can say that it can be true: moments of our life that we are up, and in some we're down, the scary feeling of falling, and the adrenaline than runs in our veins when we enjoy it. That's pretty much life. But we need to learn a thing or two more about it to really enjoy it, even the bad parts.

Someone once told me "You're not responsible for the face you have, but the one you put" and with the time I've come to really understand the powerful meaning of those simple words that changed my perspective of life. Sometime we get so down of the roller coaster that we stay down there even though we're moving forward.

My advice: don't stress out, breath, and enjoy. always keep a good mind, start being positive at all cost and think a lot about how to take the bad things life is gonna shoot you, because it will, this isn't over yet, the roller coaster continues and it's your choice to put good face or let it get you down.

And as my uncle always says: bad things happens and you have to deal with it before it deals with you.