Did you ever thought about, how great it actually is that we are able to take photographs?

That we can capture every moment, which actually would be gone forever.

Whether it is a beautiful view, the Eiffel Tower - the people you love and which you have good times with, your pets; or simply a beautiful random moment.

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We take out this wonderful invention called 'Camera'...

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... and capture these moments.

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It gives us the possibility to retain our experiences,
even when we will forget about them someday - we preserve the photographs.

When you are older, you will look back on them, with a smile on your face and think...

..."Thanks for the memories".
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Sadly, we often forget about the 'magic' behind it.

Sure it is not really 'magic' - but a matter of physics, chemistry and these days, technology. (I am no expert)

Yet, somehow I think it is a wonder or at least really wonderful.

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But this wonder loses its spark, because we take it for granted.

Since we just have to have a look on our phone display and open the Camera App - we zoom in and out, clic and the picture is done, if it is not good, just do it again.

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This is really great, simple and convenient, but...

...where is the 'magic' about taking photographs this way, if we take it for granted?

Can you imagine, that there was a time when taking photographs was not that simple and convenient?

The people of past decades had no technology as we know it today
and their Cameras were not as handy as ours.

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They were bigger and much more complex.

In the past, people had to take their time to look through the Camera Lens and concentrate on the Object they wanted to capture, because they could not take an unlimited number of photos, as we can toady.

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It was complex and unhandy,but it was like a little wonder.

I think we should see this progress of technology as a privilege, instead of taking it for granted, in order to not forget about the little wonders in our lives.

The wonder of capturing a moment, which we can never recreate.

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Picture Credit to the Owners

Cover Picture: Credit to Lucy Williams

Thanks, if you took your time to read this ♥

x.o. Jessie