I don't know if it's just me, my spoiled heart, my days or my teenager thoughts.

You're driving me crazy and maybe when you realize it's gonna be late.

The typical girl who falls for a boy that hook up with everyone, this is actually a drug.

It's crazy how a broken heart can mess up with someone and at midnight this is the only thing that it's in my mind.

I'm playing these games with myself, I should stop now.

When I just think about that someone it's fucking hard to get him out of my head, because it wasn't just a pretty face and when it started to touching my feelings at the time I should have ran away.

I can have confusing thoughts but in the real life
Not gonna be another girl in your arms, or another kiss in your mouth,
I know you're a womanizer, but I'm not stupid and there's a lot of boys wanting to treat a girl well, I also know you're gonna regret.

It's not that easy to deceive me.