Hi! This are my advices on depression.
First of all I want to say that not everyone's depression is the same, this article isn't meant to offend or hurt anyone. This are advices on the way I experienced my depression, hopefully they will help someone ❤
My story:
I guess depression has always live inside me, in some way I just started noticing it a year and a half ago.
I'm aware that there are different types of depression, some are controlled with therapy and some with medicine. In my case therapy helped a lot.(This leads us to my first advice) I told my mom I have cutted myself and that I didn't want to live any longer, then she took me to a therapist.

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1) Ask for help or tell someone you trust, you may not see it at the moment but there are people who know what to do and people who care about you.

While my biggest "episode" of depression I couldn't find anything I enjoyed. Reading, talking to my friends or watching TV shows weren't interesting for me any longer.(This leads us to my second advice). By this time I was already going to therapy and talking about things that really upset me. I found sports and fourtunately I was good at them. (One of the things that lead me to think that everything was lost were my grades, they where really lower - before I had always gotten A+ on almost every single subject- I felt I was good at nothing)

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2) Find new things or hobbies that you like or you are good at, this way you could find a little piece of your day that doesn't suck.

There were even days where I didn't even want to get up from bed or brush my hair, actually it wasn't that I didn't want to do those things I just felt that I wasn't even good enough to do simple chores.(this leads us to my third advice).

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3) Set simple goals for everyday, for example, put your make up on or go and walk outside or prepare something to eat.

Time kept passing, I was really improving, until the fight, the fight that made me feel as if I was no one. I had a discussion with my dad about the way he treated my grandmother (he has always been really strict and we do not have a good communication, he didn't even asked why I was going to therapy- even these has nothing to do with my depression I think I need to tell you: my parents are divorced- I spend most of the time with my mom) My dad was really angry and so do I, we both shouted things we didn't completely meant. (This takes me to my fourth and fifth advice)

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4) Accept mistakes. I'm not saying YOUR mistakes or OTHERS mistakes, just accept that we all messed up sometimes and it isn't completely our fault or other's fault, things just happen.
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5) Think and feel. You must let yourself express what's going on inside of your mind but be very careful with the way you say things.

I'm going straight to my sixth and seventh advice cause they really helped me a lot.

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6) watch videos about depression, what you are feeling is real, there are people in similar situations as you, know that definitely you are not alone.
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7) Allow yourself to cry and to show your feelings, feelings aren't bad, they're just the prove we are human.

At some point of these year I droped therapy because my mom could not longer afford it, but I learned tons of things, I still have depression because it is not something you can cure overnight, sometimes it hits me at 3AM or at the middle of a laugh with friends but now I know how to handle it. I know how complex is my mind and that I do not have to believe everything I think.

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This is all❤ hope it helps someone, if you need someone to talk to, know I'm here, at the other side of the screen if you need me, Mental health is important and we must all work together to be fine.

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