it's been one month. one month of pain. one month of hurt. one month of sadness. but i'm okay now. slowly but surely, i am getting over you. but i miss you. i miss the way you would say my name. or how you would always make fun of my height and i'd pretend to be mad, even though i kind of liked it. we were happy. together. i miss the late nights of telling you my goals and ambitions for the future. and how i said i hope they all include you. we made so many plans. i wanted to do everything with you.. hell i still do. we knew each other like a bee knows its favorite flower. how it smells, how it feels. how it brushes in the wind. and now its gone. no more you and me. but there is you and her. i hope you two are happy. i really do. you deserve that. she deserves that. always be kind to her. be willing to listen. comfort her when she's upset. love her how you couldn't love me. truly and endlessly. i miss you.