You'll pass through my life
without know that you passed.
You will pass in silence,
and on passing
all you can see will be a fake smile
like a beautiful contrast
to the pain of loving you.
And you'll never know.

I'll dream with your smile.
I'll dream with your sea eyes.
I'll dream with your lips desperately.
I'll dream with your kisses.
And you'll never know.

Maybe you'll be with someone
who will never tell you
the same as me.
And, drowning forever my unseen love.
I'll love you more than anything.
And you'll never know.

I'll love you in silence,
as something inaccessible,
like a dream that I can will never meet.
And the distant perfume
of my impossible love
will touch your hair.
And you'll never know.

And if one day a tear
appears in my face,
I'll say "Its nothing. I'm okay"
I'll dry it.
And you'll never know.