Today I wanted to do something fun and different so I decided to do a Q&A these questions are COMPLETELY random.

Q1: Favorite Color
A1: Black & Blue

Q2: Eye color
A2: Brown

Q3: Favorite holiday
A3: Thanksgiving and Christmas because my family & I have a lot of traditions.

Q4: Favorite emojis

Q5: Favorite place to eat
A5: This taco place called Herrera's & Wingstop

Q6: Hair color
A6: Jet-black

Q7: Fav drink
A7: Tropical sprite & Blue powerade

Q8: Why'd you make this account
A8: Because its like Tumblr but way more simple

Q9: Longest snap streak
A9: ion do streaks

Q10: Favorite tv show
A10: The Vampire Diaries, STAR, or Scream the tv series

Q11: Hobbies
A11: photography & writing

Q12: fav animals
A12: puppies, pandas, and kitties

Yeah . Thats all me you guys