hey guys! this is the first time i've attempted to write an article since weheartit has relseased this new feature! i had taken a little break from weheartit, and when i came back, i was pleasantly surprised to find that users could now write articles. this seems like a great tool for aspiring writers like myself, and i cannot wait to use it more. i also feel like this would be a great way to communicate with my followers and other users. so because this is my first article, i thought i'd just start off with something basic and share some anime recommendations with you guys. enjoy!

Neon Genesis Evangelion

anime, asuka, and Neon Genesis Evangelion image

this anime will screw with your mind. when first starting out, it might just seem like a basic mecha, robot anime, but it goes down a much more psychological route with lots of symbolism and allusions. it has an amazing soundtrack, and it such an iconic 90's anime that i feel everyone should at least try watching. it might not be everyone's favorite, but it is still something i highly recommend to people to just give it a shot.


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now this one is very different from genesis. haikyuu!! is a sports anime about a boy's high school volleyball team. it is incredibly cute and is basically the anime form of a hug and a smile. it is so interesting to watch all the characters grow and develop and overcome their different struggles, and to watch characters from different teams interact with each other! there are a lot of characters, but i love them all so much! i also highly recommend reading the manga as well.


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there really is no easy way to describe durarara, because it just an amazing blend of different types of genres, but there'll probably be something there for everyone. it has magic, the japanese yakuza, action, romance, mystery, the russian mafia, and all sorts of drama. it has a great cast of characters, and so many different stories, and it is just amazing to see how they all come together in the end, because everything in this anime is connected to something else.

Cowboy Bebop

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this is another iconic 90's anime. it is about a ragtag group of space bounty hunters that ravel across the universe with each other. while though the all of the characters and the action for this anime are amazing, what really made this anime so great was the soundtrack. each song is unique and beautiful in its own way, and the genres range from jazz to rock to a genre that cowboy bebop could just call its own. i actually bought the soundtrack because i loved it so much, and whenever i re-watch this anime, i love picking up pieces of the songs in the background. the whole thing is absolute perfection.

Angel Beats

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angel beats is probably an anime you hear about all the time, because it is really well-known for its sad ending. and i am just going to warn you that it made me cry like a baby for almost an hour after i finished. while though angel beats was very rushed, and i had wished they had spent more time focusing on the other side characters, i thought the beautiful animation, soundtrack, and the plot very well made up for it. and that ending, of course. while though there were many tear-jerking moments, there were also times of laughter, and that's why i loved some of the side characters so much! this a great anime for someone who's looking for a great comedic drama!

Soul Eater

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soul eater is a very well-known anime, and i'm sure most people have heard about it. it is a great action anime with the premise of a school that teaches students how to reap souls of evil beings. all of the characters are great , and each have their own tidbits that just make them so unique! it is kind of lengthy (for me at least) at fifty episodes, so it is a great series to binge watch! i also recommend reading the manga as well!


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so this from the same studio that made angel beats. it was also very rushed, but again, the animation, characters, and plot saved it. it dealt with a lot of issues like family, mental illnesses, hopelessness, and responsibility. it too had a lot of sad moments, but i overall enjoyed this one very much.

Boku no Hero Academia

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this anime is one i've recently fallen in love with. it is a shonen anime (like naruto or one piece) but just so different from the others in the genre. in the story, people have the chance to develop superpowers. so they aren't bit by radioactive insects or anything, it's just something that occurs at a certain age, kind of like puberty lol. all of the characters are amazing and unique, and i especially love watching the main character grow into a more capable superhero. this show also has awesome story arcs and villains!

so that's all for right now! thanks for reading this far! message me if you have any other recommendations! maybe later on i could do some manga or movie recommendations.

have a nice day!