lowercase intended**
so lately, i've really been into fashion, hence my new 90s collection! (if you haven't seen it, go check it out!) and last night i was thinking, why not write an article about some trends because i've seen so many lately! as a fourteen year old girl, my style is really 90s influenced with a little bit of early 2000s. its definitely interesting LOL! so here we go: my top five current favorite trends!

1. the oversized denim jacket.
i find this trend SUPER SUPER cute! you can pair it with shorts, jeans, skirts, any bottoms! not only is it cute, but its comfortable. and if you live somewhere up north, you won't have to sacrifice your outfit for an ugly sweater! [alternatively, i'm also super stoked about vintage wind breakers. you can often find some cheap nike or adidas ones at goodwill or your local thrift!]

2. fishnets!!!!!!!
i have a pair of my own and i adore them so so so much! i wear them under ripped jeans and a few different skirts. they're adorable and comfortable too. im not sure how i feel on the fishnet socks though. in some photos, i can see them being cute, but i think its a matter of finding the right shoe to wear them with.

3. the sk8-hi vans.
you know the little black vans with white stripes? those are the ones. although they're considered basic at my high school.. everybody seems to be wearing them. i own a pair of the high top versions, and i absolutely love them! they're great for school, because they go with literally everything and they don't hurt my feet after a long day of walking the halls.

4. yellow!
yellow is my absolute favorite color and as we're making our way into fall, i feel its a great color for almost anything! recently, i've seen sweaters, shirts, bralettes, shoes, and more [i've even seen some liquid lipstick in this color, yikes] in all shades of yellow. but my favorite has to be the mustard-ish yellow. definitely cute and in time for this up-coming autumn!

5. t-shirt dresses.
i've definitely seen these circulating around instagram, tumblr, and here. i think its safe to say that these are my favorite of this list. they're practical and stylish. you can pair it with the oversized denim jacket or with a cute pair of sandals. i like that they can be dressed p and dressed down, great for dinner and a movie!

well, thats all for my first article! tell me what you think and leave some suggestions! thank you!