Thank you for Everything

We've done it all,

Walked through Paris and London,
Kissed by the sea in New Year's,
Played violin and piano together,
And toasted in four Halloweens.

Do you remember that first night
When I kissed you under the sky?
When I pulled apart and smiled,
brown eyes met striking green.

It felt like a thousand fireworks
had jumped right out of my chest
and joined the stars above.

stars, sky, and night image fireworks, forest, and night image

That was our Beginning,
Five years ago today.

And the past five years meant
everything to me.

So thank you.

Thank you for
the laughs,
the kisses,
the chocolates,
the cheering up,
the crying in movies,
the putting up with me,
And that bloodred rose
I'll always keep by my side.

beautiful, bicycle, and boyfriend image

Thank you because
You give the best hugs
and tell the lamest jokes,
and make me laugh all the time.

Thank you for your kind eyes,
my favourite eyes in the world,
green eyes like deep lakes
with flecks of warm gold.

They swept me off my feet that first time
and still do everytime.
gold, lake, and landscape image

Thank you...
for everything.