Fun fall adventures to do with family and friends.

Corn Mazes

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Going to a corn maze is always an adventure. They usually have games where you get to form teams and find treasures. They have a beautiful view, you feel wanderlust. Take headphones, listen to a nice playlist and get lost. You can take cute aesthetic pictures for instagram. Get creative! My cousin and I love to prank people and jump scare. Just don't get in trouble.

Pumpkin Patches

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One of personal favorites! It's usually free to go in. The only things that cost money are the actual pumpkins and going in the corn maze.It's fun to be in a field full of pumpkins. There are so many options, walk around, check them all out. My family and I try to get ones that look like us physically. Over all it's a very fun experience and aesthetically pleasing so take lots of pictures!

Haunted Houses

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Whether it's a real haunted house, a free neighborhood one or one where you pay to get spooked. Haunted houses are awesome! What there is inside is always a surprise but even if you cry they make great stories later in life.

Haunted Home

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This is for the ones that are too scared to go to a real haunted house. Make your own. Get family and friends to come over. Choose who gets to haunt and who gets to be spooked. Inside your house create your own haunted house with jump scares, decorations, etc. Get creative it's your house.

Trick Or Treating

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You are never to old to go trick or treating. I have literally gone with 21 year olds. Take your little siblings, or go with friends. Even if it's for an hour, have some free sugar you deserve it. I don't know about you but Halloween is the only time I eat candy.


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You don't have to be camping to have a bonfire. Have one in your yard. It's fun to just sit and talk to friends. Share spooky stories, music, make s'mores. Stay warm and cozy with some of your favorite people.

Carving Pumpkins

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Painting or carving pumpkins is always fun. Play fun halloween music and make a masterpiece.

Reading & Writing

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Now that the craziness of summer is over. Grab your favorite book, a cup of coffee and relax. Or like me grab that cup of coffee, your laptop, go somewhere that inspires you and write. It can be a story you haven't gotten to in a while or something as simple as a weheartit article.

Long Walks

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The weather is perfect and the sky is burning. Going for a walk and hearing the leaves crunching while you walk in the wind is one of the best feelings.It's time to yourself, time to think.

Leaf Raking

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It's more than a chore if you do it the right way. First turn up that lit fall/halloween playlist. Now as you rake with your friends or family collect leaves. Safe the ones that you loved, to use for decoration later. Make a big pile of leaves. Jump on it or in it. Make leave angels, have a leave fight. Make it aesthetic, spell out words out of leaves or make shapes and take pictures for instagram/snapchat.

Picking Apples

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Leave that lit playlist on and start picking up those apples. Put them in baskets, clean them up real good and take those aesthetic pictures once again. Make apple pie. Anything is fun when you choose to make it fun.

Scary Movies

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Fall is cold and dark. It's the perfect weather for scary movies. Watch some classic series or halloween movies you watch every year. Watch new horror movies you've never seen before.Let yourself get spooked out. Grab your favorite blanket and some snacks.


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Whether it's inside or outside. Your room or your living room. Decorate. It can be halloween decorations, lights, leaves. Be creative and have fun.


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Cookies, cake, cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, caramel apples. Cook or bake your favorite goodies and share with your family and friends.


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Light up one of your favorite scented candles and listen to your favorite fall playlists.

Knee Socks

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Put on your knee socks. Listen to a nice playlist, watch your favorite movie, hear the rain, take a nap.Just get comfy and stay cozy.

These are just some of my fall favorites, thank you for reading. If you want to share some of your favorites with me, I will be more than happy to hear them. An article with my favorite scary movies is coming soon stay tuned.

- Dulce (@aestheticaliens - now @nonsensica)

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