Okay I'm sure these movies aren't necessarily forgotten more like underrated. They don't get talked about as much as the Lion King or Mulan etc. but they are great and you should watch them

1. Oliver and Company

1988, disney, and gif image

This jazzy-Oliver-twist inspired film made in 1988 is not talked about enough and it's such an adorable and funny movie.

2. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

atlantis, kida, and disney image

Why don't more people talk about this movie? It's got diversity, strong female characters, and is based on a classic Jules Verne novel. It's so worth the watch.

3. The Sword in the Stone

gif, the sword in the stone, and la espada en la piedra image

The Last animated film released before Walt Disney's death. It's the last film to have that Walt Disney touch and it's so underrated.

4. Dumbo

disney, dumbo, and cute image

We just don't pay enough attention to this lovable big eared elephant.

5. The Black Cauldron

disney, gif, and girl image

The definition of an underrated film right here.