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What do you think of when you see that big red logo with that beautiful white cursive that reads, “Coca-Cola?” Not only do I think of soda (which I really love), but I think of summer days, friends, family, laughter, and good times all around. This is because Coca-Cola has built a world around their brand. Their brand is American. Their brand is classic. Everyone in the world knows who they are and what they’re about - and they’re just representing SODA!

Building your own perfect brand is as simple as cherry pie. It only involves five ingredients: authenticity, aesthetic, professionalism, respect, and reputation. I’m going to go over how you can achieve these four key pieces of creating and maintaining your own amazing brand.

Authenticity means being real. You want your followers to know the real you. This is the #1 key in having a successful brand. You want your individualism to stand out among the rest. What makes you different from the rest of creators? Find out what that is and wave it as high as possible. Don’t ever pretend to be someone else, and never apologize for who you are. This also goes for creating artistic content. Never blatantly copy another artist. I do believe that we all take small things we see from all of the artists that we interact with to create the art that we ultimately make. When collaborating and working with other creators, be open to learning new things and trying new things, but don’t turn into their brand. is your go to place for connecting with other authentic creators. If you need more guidance on how to be authentic, scroll through our pages and pages of creators and develop your own ideas from there.

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Have a pleasing aesthetic. My personal favorite aesthetic is that of @TheColorGang. It’s fun, colorful, and happy - and most of all cohesive. You can be moody or bright, whimsical or traditional, colorful or black and white. This is where the fun comes in with creating the world around your brand. You’re still able to genuinely be yourself, but at the same time you can decide what light you want to be viewed in. There’s a lot of fun in creating your aesthetic, but also don’t get too caught up in it. You still want authenticity and genuity to shine through.

Be professional, respectful, and reputable online. As a photographer, model, influencer, blogger, or whatever you are, you are running a small business. Don’t forget that. You could have an amazing aesthetic and be putting out beautiful authentic work, but if you’re not respectful to your peers and fellow creators online, then you’re going to have a problem. Keep the drama offline, or just don’t have it at all. Respect everyone you interact with. Follow through with all of your plans. Remember to email everyone back. Your reputation will precede your branding. And one thing people forget to do is support your fellow artists. Whether that be leaving them a heartfelt comment about how you enjoy their work, or purchasing something from their online shop. No gesture goes unnoticed.

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The Hub member Olivia Hargrove, @TheMetalRomantic, is a perfect example of a fashion blogger who has a cohesive, unique style.
“When choosing my name, "The Metal Romantic", I wanted something that would instantly grab the attention of my audience, while also staying true to my aesthetic and lifestyle. My style is a little rock n' roll and a little bohemian. A little bit metal and a little bit romantic. I choose to focus on my personal style as a bloggin' mama! Mixing motherhood and style is not something that many influencers mix into their brand, but that is me staying true to myself. My family is my world and my style is my passion, so mixing both worlds made sense for me. I strive to be a positive representation of what it's like to be a working mama, while continuing to express my personal style!” - Olivia

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The Hub member Victoria Liechty, @VictoriaLiechty, is a another great example of someone who has great branding and a great aesthetic.

With the right branding you can tell the world that you are YOU. Be proud of who you are and the work that you do. It will pay off in the end. And until then, stay busy practicing your craft!