So...this is my first article ever and english isn't my native language, I'm sorry if something is unclear x.x

I'm going to make a Mommy Survival Kit for one of my best friends (we haven't met in person for almost 10 years). She has 3 Kids and I have 4.
If you don't have a babysitter or family/friends, if you're a single mom, if it's your first child..doesn't matter. Being a Mom can be hard. Between Kids, work, school, sleepless nights, making dinner, cleaning your house/flat and stuff, you often forget to look after yourself. Or in most cases, you're just too tired.

So I think this is a good gift idea for mom's or mommy's to be. Let's start...

Mommy Survival Kit

Last minute movie night: (You can change the content to what ever you like)
- Cherry Coke
- Popcorn
- Gummybears
- (Favorite) Chocolate
- Tissue
- Fuzzy Socks

Last minute beauty night: (After a long day of hard work)
- Bath Bomb
- Face Mask
- Nail Polish
- Nail File
- Book
- Scented Candle
- ear plugs
- coffee or tea or cigarettes (yes smoking is pretty bad and if you haven't started yet...DON'T DO IT!)
- big mug
- Headache Medication
- playlist

You can add as many things as you want, you know your friend the best, so you can tell what she would appreciate the most.
My kids always eat my candy, so this is very helpful to hide something in a box. Sometimes I can get a little freetime and then boom...I pick my Survival Kit. No plans, no shopping etc.

Decorate those boxes if you like, you can make one for all, or split it in 2 , write little notes with quotes to cheer her up after a bad day, draw coupons for babysitting so she can have a night of. A list of your favorite movies or bookes. Coupons for sleepover or movie night with you. Recipes of your favorite food. You also can make a bullet journal for her, so she can focus on herself. Sometimes it's hard staying friends when one of you become's a Mom, so show her that she is still your friend and not just a mom. And you won't leave her, even if her life changed so much.

I hope this post was helpful and my english wasn't that bad at all :D
Ella ;)