well hi. So you, dear reader, may have noticed that this is my very first article.
And i thought that it would be a nice idea to make an article to talk a little bit about myself, since i am drastically bored and i had no other subject to talk about other than this. And now, as you see, we are here.
so i am going to tell you the basics. My name is Laura (you could have guessed that by reading my username, but u know, the basics) and i am... young. I am still in high school, but i am going to graduate pretty soon (quite nervous about that).
My favorite color is yellow. I am a Hufflepuff. I am a Kpop, Kdramas, Harry Potter and Hamilton trash. I am an art (mostly the history of it) and an ukulele enthusiastic. i love painting (even though i can't even draw a straight line) and i love reading. I enjoy pretty much all types of music, but i have a special love for P!ATD, MCR, The Hush Sound, Troye Sivan, and all the songs of the musical Hamilton.
I used to sing quite well but i lost practice and my voice is not as good as before (but i still try my best). I am good at maths but i don't intend to do anything related to it. I want to become a Prosecutor someday, but also have a really big wish of becoming a teacher eventually.
i LOVE big sweaters, i have about 4 and i love them all, because i feel really comfortable. I really enjoy watching movies, especially animations, but i would say that my favorite movie is Now You See Me, it is a great movie. i like seeing makeup tutorials and studygrams 'cause it is really statisfying and pretty. I love making costumes for Halloween, but my favorite holiday is Christmas. My favorite season is fall. I watch series more than i watch movies, and my favorite series are both Friends and HIMYM. I got really into Kdramas, and my favorite is Kill Me, Heal Me.
Well, i guess that was the biggest amount of information that i could put in one article. I really made this because i found it better than studying for my Portuguese test tommorow. Oh right, i am Brazillian. Using the pretty lame excuse that, because i am not fluent in English, the article may have one or another mistake, so i am sorry about that.
hope you have enjoyed this far, but if you got to the end that means something, i guess? So like, have a good day and everything, i may comeback next time, and it will probably be something a little more creative. Bye :)