If we were to talk about Racism, then what comes to mind? Slavery? Aboriginal? Trump? #BlackLivesMatter? That recent Dove Controversy? Lack of Foundations for darker shades? Pocahontas? Shudras? Nigerian Students in India? South Korean beauty Standards?
Are you aware of them?
Is it uncomfortable that I am able to list so many examples that stretch from West to East, from 100 years back, to present?
You should be uncomfortable, because Racism exists, and the examples I gave are not something of the past, but the future.
We all are Instagram addicts and we all waste our time scrolling through the Discover page, and for me, mine has instances of Racist Crimes and News, or POC enjoying Fenti because finally they are being represented in something as trivial as Makeup, of African American Boys cracking jokes being pulled by Cops, of South Korean fans Whitewashing their tan skinned idols’ pictures, of lack of representation of POCs in Media and Films, or stereotyping ‘Asians’, of calling someone East-Asian ‘ling ling’, calling out people who are commenting on someone’s physiological features in contrast to their standard ‘white’ features, and of course, the Muslims living in America being threatened, the Blackface, and the racism that our own countrymen who belong from the North-East India face.
But dear all, the last one is the one that should make you most uncomfortable, because before it can be seen, our media gets rid of it. How many times has our Media given priority to brief you about the conditions in the Seven Sisters of North East? Do you know what the Seven Sisters are? Are you aware that they are seven?
But why stop there? Let’s not forget that subtle racism that the people of North India face in other parts of India, whether North-East or South, or vice versa, the subtle racism South Indians face in other parts of India. This subtlety comes from the racial ‘slurs’ we use, from the jokes about accent and eating habits, to colour and attitudes.
Let’s face it peeps, we are racist because we think white is superior, whether in skin on geography, and in order to break through this, we need to unlearn this, and we need to educate everyone what EQUALITY stands for, capitalized together.
We need to accept that we are different, that’s it not okay, but it’s natural. That beauty is not in colour, that intelligence is not geographical, and that past is something to know, not implement.
“It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”
― Audre Lorde, Our Dead Behind Us: Poems.

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