Hi guys all right?

As described in my bio I'm Brazilian and today I'll tell you a little bit about brasilian halloween!

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Surely that's a great word to set Halloween here. Brazil is a mixed-race country that embraces different cultures and customs.

The celebration of Halloween in Brazil is not strong like in other countries, but yes, we love that date!

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How Brazilians celebrate?

I'll tell you! On October 31, Brazilians usually celebrate Halloween with themed parties where everyone goes dressed in different characters, from witches to zombies!

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And it's not just fantasy, make-up artists love expressing their artistic talents by making up people for Halloween parties!

Some make-ups
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In the school where I studied!

Yes! We celebrated Halloween every year at school. The students would come together to throw a costume party and when it did not give everyone munod it would gather in the room to do a horror movie session, it was really cool!

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That's it guys, thanks for read and happy halloween!

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