If you've read any of my articles, you should know by now that I am an introvert. So I am not very outgoing. But I do have my little secret happy places that I love and you're going to find out about them:

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1. My bed. I am sorry, but this list has to begin with the place that gives me the magical power of becoming a blanket burrito. I like writing in bed, drawing, browsing the internet. My bed is definitely one of my happiest places to be.

2. Book stores and libraries. I love the smell of new books and I love discovering fascinating ones I would have never thought of. Sadly, I don't read as much as I should.

3. Coffee shops. I mean... Coffee is my happy time. Especially this time of year when it all comes together: the crisp autumn air, the colourful leaves and hot coffee! Perfection! One of the reasons I feel happy in the morning is that I can have coffee right away.

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4. The seaside. Spoiler alert: I can't swim. But I am still obsessed with the sound of crashing waves, the warm, fine sand and the sunny weather. YAAS!

5. Under the starry sky. Oh My LORD! I could stargaze until all the stars would get shy and disappear. I am a dreamer and I love the silence of the night, the inspiration it gives me and all the pretty stars above me.

6. Online places: We Heart It (obviously). I love the positivity here and the lovely messages I sometimes receive. Instagram is also one of my faves. <3 And on Youtube I love watching Zoella and Alfie. I MIGHT even start my own channel soon.

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What is your little secret happy place?