Boooo! bet i scared ya muahhaha ;D

Are you also here for the boo's ;) ? And maybe wanting to have an amazing Halloween party with yo mates? Then... I am here to help you or at least give you one useful tip on that :D

  • Inviting I mean guests

First off, decide on who you're going to invite. You best make up a list so you can easier check on your Halloween party if everyone's there.

girls image
  • Spooky food

The best part of a party is for sure the food. And making it especially Halloween themed is even better. You can think of your own ideas of making spooky looking food or try the ideas given below, which i've used myself, for my parties.

Halloween and food image
the decoration cx ... it's pretty dark for me tho
food and Halloween image
isn't this the cutest XD ? other than this, you can use sausages as ripped off fingers. Just pour ketchup on the tip which will seem like the nail of it.
Halloween, banana, and food image
Halloween food in a form of fruits cx
Cookies, Halloween, and food image
Looks pretty basic to make and hella yummy :P
worm, diy, and jelly image
honestly EW but noiiice XD


  • The lightning

A scary party shouldn't include a high contrast. So make sure to not turn all the lights on. But complete darkness is also not cool. So if you've got any not so big lamps, candles, globe lights, lights (likely; white, orange, red), use them!

Halloween, light, and pumpkin image
  • Decorations

Decoration takes also a very important role in a party. You can buy them in any nearby shop, I am sure the shop is already getting ready for Halloween! If not, hmmm... You can make them by yourself! I, for example, did the most part of my decoration on my own :D

Here are some ideas!

aesthetic, autumn, and fall image
Got any pumpkins? Decor the house with many pumpkins as possible! what's Halloween without pumpkins?
candy, decor, and Halloween image
Buy sweets ; Haribo which include the Halloween theme and pour them in jars.
Halloween image
There's no fun in a party without balloons... and if one of your friends is scared of them, even better XD Get balloons and doodle adorably spooky faces on them!
Halloween, room, and autumn image diy, cat, and light image autumn, decoration, and ghost image

These mini posters/stickers are very easy to make. And it's also a cheap way to have your walls decorated. My personal favorite are the bat ones. You can use 2 sided tape to somehow keep them on the wall.

  • Costumes

Attending a Halloween party without a costume is the lamest thing to do. And wearing no costume at your own party would also sück. If you have no idea what to wear; at first, think of your favorite horror movie, you can dress as your favorite character using ideas from the internet. Or take a look at a nearby shop, maybe there will be something which is your cup of tea. As for the make up, there are lots of ideas on youtube, we heart it etc. I'll show you some examples which i, personally, find entertaining.

caveira, coven, and hallowen image
Skull Make-up - get the reference =] ?? This is my all time fave make-up. If you're looking for a suiting outfit to it. I think black will do eh?
creepy, joker, and harley quinn image
Harley Quinn - Pretty cliche i knoooow. But it looks awesome :)
black, girl, and goth image
Witch - for those who are lazy to do make-up : I mostly dress as a witch tbh :D The outfit to it can be a plain black dress. The hat is an important part of it. Also wear other black clothings. Owning a wand would also be cool xD

DON'T FORGET ABOUT YOUR PETS if you've got one...

cat, Halloween, and pumpkin image cat, Halloween, and salem image
13, beauty, and costume image
I mean... why not XD ?!
  • Movie night

A scary movie is also a must for a spooky party! So choose your guys' favorite horror movie / the movie you all want to watch.

scream and horror image

Make up a list of the things you want to have finished meanwhile partying hard. You won't forget anything in this organized way!

  • Music

Music is necessary for a party. But for a Halloween party creepy music is preferred. There are a lots of 'Halloween themed playlists' on youtube. So look for those songs there :) !



Wanna scare your friends ;) ? Lemme suggest you some tricks

Is there an option for your TV to go on on a set-up time by its own? If yes, plan when the TV shall be turned on. Being turned on to a glitching channel would be awesome and creepah XD Or to a video including creepy stuff.
confused, glitch, and sleepless image
Ouija board is the best activity to do during Halloween party. Easy way to scare your friends. If you don't own one, take a paper and write down the letters, numbers, the no and the yes. EASY. But be careful. What if some devil haunts you O.0
candle, ouija, and witch image

That was pretty much it :) ! Thx for reading this :3 I hope you found here something useful. Good luck on ze party!! ~ Eva