Aspects of the workplace that have a sexist attitude.

There have been decades since women entered the workplace, conquering every challenge and facing constant sexism in almost every aspect of their job. Even though females have made it clear that they are able to face every difficulty with success, they're still being mistreated as they still have to fight for their rights in the workplace.


It is widely known that women are being mistreated in comparison to men in terms of payment. The US Bureau reports that women earn eighty percent of what men are paid despite the fact that females are capable of achieving the same tasks. "Women now actually surpass men in educational achievement." says Mary Brinston, sociology professor at Harvard University. Moreover, based on the size of the organisation, women CEOs earn between six and eight percent less that their male counterpart. Even though, a woman receives more college and graduate degrees in her lifetime than a man, she will still be paid less.

Leadership Roles

In today's workforce women find it extremely hard to acquire high-status jobs such as the one of the CEO or any other position close to that one. Obtaining this kind of position in the workplace or within boards, sounds even more impossibe to women as we are not taken seriously enough to be given that position despite that fact that females are more likely to help the organisation they're working for succeed in less time that men will do, according to statistics. Black women, though, have it twice as hard as board members or CEOs are most likely to be white. Discrimination against colour is not rare.

However, light can still be found in this darkness as one of the new UN sustainable development goals is to achieve gender equality and to empower all women and girls.

Overall there is no doubt that even if we live in the year 2017, sexism in the workplace still exists despite the constant progress women make. Every female should stand up for equal chances, equal rights and an equal life.