Hello hearters! I hope your day is going well. Today I decided to write an article giving you some ideas for your Instagram feed.

Hopefully this will help and you can take inspiration and recreate some of these pictures!

1. Green / Clean

fruit and summer image aesthetic, red, and instagram image summer, aesthetic, and theme image ulzzang image
I love this one, and the pictures look very easy to recreate!

2. Pink / Rose

girl, pink, and tour image dog, animal, and cute image pink image Image removed
You can add a filter to your pictures on the app 'VSCO Cam'.

3. Warm, Glowy Summer

peach, orange, and sunset image rock and beach image Mature image orange, aesthetic, and alternative image
Perfect for summer, and these photos should be super easy to recreate when your on vacation.

4. Vintage / Casual

girl, car, and grunge image theme image new york image book, coffee, and nails image
Extremely easy to recreate and makes your feed just look cool, adding more of your own personality to your wall.

5. City / Travel

fashion, girl, and paris image Prada, luxury, and architecture image berlin, travel, and germany image girl, tumblr, and hair image
Whenever you visit a cool place, take some photos!

6. Minimal / Black & White

dog, animal, and bed image clothes, white, and room image tattoo, theme, and art image coffee, minimal, and phone image
Slightly harder to recreate, but the final result will be totally worth it!

7. Peachy / Bambi

rose, flowers, and pink image indie, food, and theme image spring, indie, and theme image Flagged For Review
The prettiest feed ever.

So there are my ideas for your next Instagram theme! Maybe you could recreate some of these pictures or even save and use the ones I have included. Thank you for reading and hearting! Have a good day/night!